British  Patent   347 - 1852

347   Auguste Edouard Loradoux Bellford of 16, Castle Street, Holborn, in the City of London, Patent Agent, for an invention for improvements in sewing  cloth and other materials . A communication.

Letters Patent sealed.                                                       October  12, 1852



...Mr. Bellford obtained another patent for " improvements in sewing cloth and other materials," (a communication) on October 12, 1852 (347 - 1852). Strange to say, we find in this specification another of the machines described in Mr. Hughes' patent on August 10, 1852. We refer to the oblique double needle machine, diagrams of the needles of which are given at figures 62, 63, and 64 of our eighth article. The two machines are in fact identical in their construction and modus operandi....

The Practical Mechanic's Journal (Jan.1859)