GB 740                          William Frederick Thomas

Sewing Machine

of St. Martin's-le-Grand, for an invention for improvements in sewing machines.

Letters Patent sealed.                                                           March 27, 1856

...Mr. William Frederick Thomas obtained a patent on the 27th of March, 1856, the points of his invention being,

1st. Certain peculiar means for producing an intermittent tension or pressure on the thread proceeding from the shuttle or other thread carrier, whether produced by pressing on the thread or on the instrument containing it.

2d. Causing the feeding foot to regulate the length of thread drawn from the bobbin.

3rd. Causing the feeding foot to regulate the tension of the thread.

4th. The use of guides formed with two guiding surfaces, to guide the two edges of the material when sewing tubular work, such as glove fingers.

5th. The use of clamps for the same purpose...


extract from:

History of the Sewing Machine    

The Practical Mechanic’s Journal      

May 1, 1860  page 34