BRITISH  PATENT  974 - 1857

974    George Pearson, of Oldham, in the County of Lancaster and  Edward Jessop of Manchester, in the same County, Machinists, for an invention for improvements in sewing machines. The patentees employ a spiral needle instead of the partly circular or straight needle at present in use. The vertical needle forms the loop in the usual way, through which the improved spiral needle carries the under thread about an entire revolution and there remains until the vertical needle  descends through the cloth or material to be sewn; tho spiral needle then moves in the opposite direction, leaving the under thread round  tho said vertical needle, thereby forming the stitch. Motion is given to the spiral needle by means of a cam acting upon an arm or lever connected to an endless band or chain passing round the shaft or tube of tho needle, thereby giving it a to and fro motion. Or a pinion may be placed upon the spiral needle shaft or tube and a to and fro motion imparted to it by means of a rack. Upon the needle shaft or tube is placed a spiral cam, the threads of which work upon a fixed wharve roller or stud, so that, as the needle shaft or tube revolves backwards and forwards, it has also a lateral movement imparted to it to allow the vertical needle to descend behind the under threads.

Letters Patent sealed.                                                               April 7, 1857