CALLED in the Doomsday survey CHIDEMINSTER, is situated at the distance of 124

miles from London, and carries on very extensive manufactories of carpets, bombazines,

crapes, poplins, and tammies, with which the London and other markets are well supplied.

The Scotch carpet trade was introduced here about the year 1735, and shortly after the

manufacture of Wilton and Brussels carpets, all of which have been so much improved

by the ingenuity and emulation of the various manufacturers, in the variety and elegance

of the patterns, as well as the permanency and brilliancy of the dyes, as cannot be rivalled

by any manufactory in the world.——No country justice can exercise any judicial

authority in this town, the government of which is regulated by a recorder and two

magistrates, called the high-bailiff and justice; the high-bailiff, who always belongs to

the quorum, is annually elected by the twelve aldermen, with the concurrence of twenty

five common-council men, who collectively are authorised, by a charter bearing date the

12th. of Charles I., to make bye-laws for the government of the body corporate, the trade,

and the police of the town. Formerly this borough was represented in parliament.

A court-leet for the manor is occasionally held here, by a person deputed for that purpose

by lord Foley, who is lord of the manor. A court of requests is also held for the recover

ing of debts under 40s. and which, by a bill now in parliament, is expected will extend

to the recovering all debts under £10.--—The Staffordshire and Worcestershire canal,

which, in its progress to Stourport where it falls into the Severn, passing through Kidder  

minster, opens an inland navigation with Liverpool, Manchester, &e.—The weekly

market is held on Thursday; and the annual fairs, which are for all sorts of merchandize,

are four in number, and held as follows—on Monday before Easter, on Ascension-day,

on the 20th. June, and the 4th. September.——Exclusive of its numerous and extensive

manufactories, shops, and warehouses, Kidderminster contains upwards of 1700 dwelling

houses, extending from north to south, nearly one mile, and in breadth about half a mile.

The population, according to the last census in 181 l, was upwards of 8000, but is now

supposed to be near 10000.--Kidderminster is 3 miles east of Bewdley, is south of

Bridgenorth, 7 south-west of Stourbridge, l l south-west of Dudley, 18 west of Birming

ham, 15 south-south-west of Wolverhampton, 9 north-west of Bromsgrove, and 14 north

of Worcester; between all which towns there are excellent turnpike roads.