. Ainsty of York and liberty of St. Peter.

TADCASTER . . . .* .*

hospital of Jesus Christ. The market is on Wednesd

Is a market town, in the West Riding of the county of York, situated upon the river

Wharf, nine miles southwest from the city of York, and 190 miles north from London.

The name of this place applies a Roman station, and accordingly we find, that the Calcaria .

of Antoninus was situated on the course of a Roman road, between Eboracum or York,

and Mancunum or Manchester, at nine miles distant from the former. It appears, that

many Roman coins have been found here ; some banks and ditches surround the town,

and on the south side of the river are remains of intrenchments, called the castle. A con

siderable quantity of stone was taken from this fortress, to build the bridge over the Wharf,

at the beginning of the eighteenth century. This bridge is generally considered a very fine

structure; and its centre marks the union of the West Riding of the county, with the

The church stands near the foundations of the

ancient castle, and the place is called Castle-hill. There are also chapels for the Metho

dists and Dissenters. In the town is an hospital and free-school, called the school and

- Ay. The fairs are the last Wednesday

in April, May, September, and October, for sheep and cattle, also a fair for shoes on the

94th of June. The population is about 2.300.