A POPULOUS, flourishing, and pleasantly situated town, in the West Riding of York

shire, distant from York 29 miles, Leeds nine, and London 184. Over the River Calder

is a handsome stone bridge, with eight arches, in the centre of which stands an ancient

chapel, said to have been built by Edward IV. in memory of his father, Richard, Duke

of York, who, with many of his friends, was slain near this place, in 1459 —The old

church, (Allhallows) is a large and lofty Gothic building, esteemed one of the handsomest

of the kind in the kingdom—the new church, (St. John's) is an elegant structure of white

stone. Here are also several meeting houses for dissenters. The principle trade of this

town and neighbourhood, is the manufacture of cloths, herseys, blankets, duffels, &c.

which are usually vended at the Leeds and Huddersfield markets. There are several ex

tensive collieries here, two of which, by means of iron rail-ways, supply the town and

neighbourhood with coals, at an easy expence. The river Calder runs through the town,

and the Aire through Leeds, then join a little above Castleford bridge, and, in an united

stream, form that navigation from this trading part of Yorkshire to Hull, which is of so

much advantage to the whole county. The quarter sessions of the peace, for the West

Riding are held here—the sessions house is a modern and elegant structure, standing

hearly in the centre.of the town. The house of correction for the West Riding, which,

with the workshops, &c. for the prisoners, covers nearly four acres of ground; is a fine

building, extremely clean and well managed. The free school, founded and endowed by

Queen Elizabeth, (but much enlarged by addditional benefactions) is a spacious buildidg,

containing a valuable library—here are sehools on the systems of Bell and Lancaster; also

many Sunday schools, and a charity school for the instruction and clothing of 106 poor

boys and girls. The market is held on Friday, for corn, wool, stuffs, &c. and is con

sidered one of the most considerable in the kingdom—markets are also held every Wed

nesday fortnight, for horned cattle and sheep, which are numerously attended by persons

from various parts of the country. Fairs July 4, 5, and November 11, 12, for horses

horned cattle, &c.—Population about 10,000. - -