Orange, Massachusetts

1860 (?)- 1882


Johnson, Clark & Co. (?)





US  7.776            A. B.  WILSON                   November 12, 1850

US  8.294            I. M.  SINGER                      August 12, 1851

US  7.931           GROVER & BAKER              February 11, 1851

US  9.041           A. B. WILSON                     June 15, 1852

US  9.053            GROVER & BAKER             June 22, 1852

US  12.233            J.  S.  CONANT                  Jan 16, 1855

Last Patent December 1865


Barker, who was White's main seller, decided to leave him and founded his own company, the Gold Medal Sewing Machine Company to produce a machine named "The Pride of the West" and later "the New England Machine".



The Gold Medal Sewing Machine Company, Orange, Massachusetts which was established in 1860 by Johnson, Clark & Co. to manufacture sewing machines. The company introduced it's Home Shuttle machine in 1870 which was subsequently redesigned and improved.


In 1867 the Barker-Clark combination having developed the Gold Medal Sewing Machine Company, moved the plant to Orange, Massachusetts just as his former employer Thomas Howard White had done and a stock company was formed on April 27 of that year. The first annual meeting of the Board was held on July 31, 1867Andrew J. Clark was elected President, with John Wilson Wheeler Secretary-Treasurer and Stephen French as Superintendent.

John Wilson  Wheeler, Andrew J. Clark and Stephen French  had all previously worked with Thomas Howard  White.

In 1877 William L. Grout became a partner in the  Gold Medal Sewing Machine Company.

In 1878 William L. Gout was made Superintendent and General Manager of the Gold Medal Sewing Machine Company.

In August 26, 1879,  Eddy  T.  Thomas apply for patent US 219.038

In October 21, 1879,  William  Taylor  Elliott apply for patent  US 220.816 

In 1881 Horace Webster Hadley became Assistant Superintendent of the  New Home Sewing Machine Co. at Orange, Massachusetts  and ten years later (1891) he went to the National Sewing Machine 'Co., Belvidere, 111.,in a similar capacity.

In 1882, January 25, the Gold Medal Sewing Machine Company was reorganised and became  New Home Sewing Machine Company with John Wilson Wheeler as a chairman.