William L.  Grout

William L.  Grout
William L. Grout




William L. Grout of the city and county of Worcester, State of Mass.




New England

1862-1863 Orange, Massachusetts

William Grout and Thomas Howard White

In 1862, Thomas H. White  left Vermont and went to Massachusetts. There, in partnership with William L. Grout, he also began to manufacture New England machines; these were basically the same as the Raymond machines.

1858  US 19.612
1858 US 19.612


New England

1863  Winchendon, Massachusetts

William Grout

After a short time, William Grout left the partnership with Thomas H. White and moved to WinchendonMassachusetts, there continuing to make New England machines for approximately one more year. Later he moved to Cleveland where he formed a partnership with Maher and W. G. Wilson. 



In 1867 the Barker-Clark combination having developed the Gold Medal Sewing Machine Company, moved the plant to Orange, Massachusetts and a stock company was formed on April 27 of that year. The first annual meeting of the Board was held on July 31, 1867. Andrew J. Clark was elected President, with John Wilson Wheeler Secretary-Treasurer and Stephen French as Superintendent.



William Grout later moved to Toronto, Canada, where he built the Grout hand machine on the Willcox & Gibbs principle. He then went to Europe where he established agencies for his machine. at the Canadian World's Fair at Kingston, Ontario, in 1873, he won a premium with his machine, in competition with leading American and Canadian manufacturers. later William Grout moved to the Gold Medal Sewing Machine Company and was in charge of its Export Department.



In 1877 William L. Grout became a partner in the  Gold Medal Sewing Machine Company and the following year he was made Superintendent and General Manager.

In 1878 William L. Grout became Superintendent of the Gold Medal Sewing Machine Company and remained in this capacity until 1900.




It was in January 25, 1882 that the old Gold Medal Sewing Machine Company was re-organised and succeeded by the New Home Sewing Machine Company and the first election of officers found J.J. Schencker as President, Andrew J. Clark as Vice-President and William L. Grout as Secretary-Treasurer.



In 1882 William L. Grout was superintendent of the  New Home Sewing Machine Company with Allen Schenck as vice president.




US  345.683     H. W. HADLEY & W. L. GROUT      July 20 1886

Orange, county of Franklin,and State of Massachusetts 

1886 H.W. Hadley & W.L. Grout
1886 H.W. Hadley & W.L. Grout




John Wilson Wheeler  remained President of the New Home Sewing Machine Company from 1882 until his death with the exception of 1903 at which time William L. Grout was President. 



William L. Grout died on April 20th, 1908 (?)