John Alexander Lerow 

Another important sewing machine of a different principle had been patented in 1849. This was the machine of Sherburne C. Blodgett, a tailor by trade, who was supported financially by John A. Lerow. US Patent 6.766 was issued to both men on October 2, 1849. In the patent, the machine was termed as our new ‘Rotary Sewing Machine’. The shuttle movement was continuous, revolving in a circle, rather than reciprocating as in the earlier machines. Automatic tension was initiated, restraining the slack thread from interference with the point of the needle.



US Patent 6.766       October 2, 1849



GB 13.321/1850                     J. A. Lerow                      (Blodgett' patent)

Sewing machine.                                                            

November 7, 1850

grooved needle & curved shuttle, rotary  machine