John Reece


John Reece was born in 1853 in Stanstead Quebec Canada. Intuitive knowledge of mechanics reputation for fixing neighbors sewing machines, dedicated to invent specialized sewing machines. He was the president of the Reece Buttonhole Machine Company in Boston, Massachusetts.

In 1871 a Canadian patent was granted to John Reece for improvement in sewing machine (CA 1.215).

In 1874 he developed the first Automatic Eyelet and Button Hole Machine, the largest bobbin in the world used in the shoe industry.

In 1881 the Reece button Hole machine, patented on April 26, US 240.546, won acclaim and honors in many exhibitions, including the World Fair of 1893 in ChicagoFirst production machine leased in 1883 (until the 1970’s Reece Company only leased machines and collected weekly rental plus payments for amount of buttonholes sewn).

In 1889 Exposition Universell of Paris.

In 1893 World Fair  in  Chicago. 

In 1896 John Reece died. He lost his life when he was killed trying to save an employee in his factory, who was in danger of being crushed by a moving elevator. Reece lunged for the elevator rope, hoping to stop the elevator, but missed the cord, falling to his death.