This Exhibition will comprise all Appliances for Economising Domestic Labour, for the promotion of Domestic Thrift, and enhancing the hygienic comfort and pleasure of the Household, including all the latest inventions and novelties for Lighting, Warming, Ventilating, Cooking, Cleaning, Washing, Sewing, Gardening, and Recreation ; as for example :                                           Chandeliers, Lamps, Stoves, Grates, and Tubular Warming Arrangements. Water-closets, Sanitary Appliances, Disinfectants, Electric and Pneumatic Bells, Venetian Blinds, Encaustic Tiles, Ventilators, &c. Mincing and Sausage-making Machinery, Filters, Dairy Utensils, Kitchen Ranges, Gas and Oil Cooking Stoves, &c.,Mineral and Vegetable Oils. Washing, V/ringing, Mangling, Boot, and Knife Cleaning Machinery, Emery Powders, Soap Extracts, Blackings, Furniture and other Polishes. Toilet Requisites, Perfumery, Brushes, Soaps, Hair Washes, &c. Sewing, Knitting, and Kilting Machinery, Cottons, Threads, Silks, Needles, &c. Furniture, Carpets, Kamptulicon, Cortieine, Oilcloths, &c. Conservatory, Green House and Garden Appliances, Lawn Mowers, Garden Seats, Garden Hose, &c. Stable Fittings and Appliances, Harness, Horse Groomers, Clippers, Medicine, &c. Musical Instruments, Pianofortes, Organs, Musical Boxes, &c. Outdoor and Indoor Games—Cricket, Croquet, Lawn Tennis, Table Billiards, Puzzles, &c., Carriages, Bicycles, Tricycles, Perambulators, &e.

Applications for Space, Plans, and general information maybe obtained from the Secretary.

THOMAS BROOKS, Agricultural Hall, Islington, London, N.

Exhibitions similar in character to that now proposed have been held in the provinces, especially in Birmingham and Manchester. Of course they have been upon a comparatively limited scale—but from the reports that reach us from all quarters this forthcoming exhibition will be by far the most extensive thing of the kind that has ever been seen and all the leading firms in the trade will be represented. It will be very interesting to note the great advances that have been made of late years in the production of labour-saving appliances ; of course the invention and introduction of the sewing machine was in itself an important step in the right direction, but advances equally great have also been made in other departments of household economy, as for example, in the laundry, the daily, and the kitchen, America has sent us over a goodly assortment of what are known as "Yankee notions" such as apple parers, egg beaters, lemon squeezers, &c., all of which have found a ready sale, all tending to the economy of manual labour, although there are many people who do not hesitate to say that even our present improvements do not go far enough, and that they would like to see a combined bed-making, pudding-mixing, floor- scrubbing machine in a blue gown and a mob cap that should take the place of the domestic servant all day, and be put away in a corner cupboard at night, but whether such an article is at all likely to be exhibited this year remains to be seen. The most important aspect of the exhibition to our readers is that it will help to educate the public in the use of domestic labour-saving machinery.We have no doubt that many ladies and gentlemen will see there for the first time articles that they did not even know to be in existence, and which they will purchase for use in their own households, thus giving a considerable impetus to the trade. The successful manufacture of washing, wringing, and dairy machinery has been confined chiefly to the English maker. The sightly, useful, and little nick-nacks that come from America are all very well in their way, but for strong, useful laundry and kitchen machinery our home manufacturers are unrivalled. Thrift seems to be the great social question of the day. How to make a little money go a long way, and how to get through the work of ihe household efficiently in the shortest time, are questions which are seriously engaging the public mind. Such an exhibition as that we have referred to therefore comes very opportunely at the present moment, and it has our best wishes for its success.


Abseil, George, 157, Queen's-crescent, N.W.

Adams, Robert, 7, Great Dover-street, S.E.

Agate and Pritchard, 68, Gracechurch-street, E.G.

Andrews, J. E. H., Stockport.

Anglo-American Laundry Co., 51, 52, Fann-street, E.G.

Ascherberg, E., and Co., 71, Queen-street, E.G.

Ashby, Walter, Eotherhithe New-road, S.E.

Association for Promoting the General Welfare of the Blind,28, Berners-street W.

Bailey, Bros., 25, Chancery-lane, E.G.

Barnard, Bradley, St. Paul's-road, N.

Barnardo,Dr.,East-endJuveiiU.eMission, Stepney-causeway, B.

Bateman, A. H., and Co., Limited, East Greenwich.

Bateman, John, 104, Strand, W.C.

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Bell and Black, Limited, Stratford, E.

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Bradbury and Co., Limited, 14, Newgate-street, E.G.

Branson's Extract of Coffee, Wurtemburg-street, Clap ham, S.W.

British and Foreign Bible Society, 146, Queen Victoria-street, E.G.

Brown, B. P. and Co., 18, Norman's Buildings. E.G.

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Children's Home, Orphanage and Refuge, Bonner-road, Victoria Park, E.

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