Year Applications Granted  
        1880                       5.517                 3.741  

1     A. Mac Millan. Umbrellas                                          

January 1, 1880

2.088  T. McGrah, of Sheffield, and W. Bown, of Birmingham, for improvements in automatic thread winders adapted for sewing machines or other similar purposes, also for automatic attachments for sewing machine winders.    

May 22, 1880

2.164  C. E. Garrard, of Uxbridge, Middlesex, for improvements in and relating to velocipedes, applicable in part to other purposes.                    

May 27, 1880

2.224  H. J. Haddan. A communication from N. S. C. Perkins, of Norwalk, Ohio, United States, for improvements in velocipedes.                      

June 1, 1880

2.226  R. Green, of Birmingham, Machinist and Bicycle Manufacturer, for improvements for bearings in bicycles, tricycles, and other velocipedes and for wheel carriages.                                                    

June 1, 1880

2.290  L. Hardaker, of Leeds, for improvements in road vehicles or velocipedes.

June 7, 1880

2.598  A. Balme and W Hall, both of Leeds, for improvements in machinery apparatus employed for " lasting " boots and shoes.              

June 5, 1880

2.738  C. D. Abel. A communication from J. and C. Ballatschano and H. Trenk, all of Berlin, for improvements in tanning hides and materials for that purpose.

July 5, 1880

2.820  C. H. Pugh, of Birmingham, for improvements in studs or protectors for the soles and heels of boots and shoes and other coverings for the feet.    

July 9, 1880

2.839  S. F. Cox, of Yatton, Somersetshire, for improvements in tanning hides and skins.                                                          

July 9, 1880

2.944  W. E. Partridge, of Birmingham, for improved apparatus for washing clothes, applicable also as a mixer or agitator iu various processes.

July 17, 1880

3.010  J. Creswell, of Loughborough, Leicestershire, for improvements in apparatus employed in the manufacture of knitted fabrics.      

July 22, 1880

3.141  S. Pit. A communication from L. B. Miller, and P. Diehl, both of Elizabeth, New Jersey, United States, for improvements in thread cases and under tensions for sewing machines.                                                    

July 30, 1880

3.143  S. W. Pohlmann, of Halifax, Yorkshire, pianoforte manufacturer, for improvements in pianofortes.                                        

July 30, 1880

3.148  C. Cresswell, of Loughborough, Leicestershire, for improvements in knitting machines and apparatus applicable thereto.      

July 31, 1880

3.154  J. Hunt, of Bolton, Lancashire, for an improved knife cleaner.          

July 31, 1880

3.161  E. Wiseman, of Luton, Bedfordshire, sewing machine merchant, for improvements in sewing machines.                                  

July 31, 1880

3.347  W. R. Bull, of Angell road, partly a communication from H. F. Kimber, of St. John's-road, both in London, for improved apparatus for carrying luggage on a bicycle or similar vehicle.                                      

August 18, 1880

3.360  H. Greenwood, of Leeds, machinist, for improvements in sewing                        machines.                                                                                                                                                                             August 19, 1879*


3.387  J. , C. , L. , and M. Jefferson, all four of Bradford, Yorkshire, machine makers and ironfounders, for improvements in machinery for washing fibres and fabrics.                                                                        

August 20, 1880

3.411  W. Morgan-Brown—a communication from B. P. Shaw, of Lowell,                        Massachusetts, United States, for improvements in knitting machines.                                                                                        August 25, 1883*

3.458  W. Clark. A communication from A. Atkinson, of Winterset, Iowa, United States, for an improved combined clothes washer and wringer.      

August 26, 1880

3.478  N. K. Husberg, of Stockholm, Sweden, for improvements in the construction and working of bicycles and other velocipedes, applicable in part to other purposes.                                                  

August 27, 1880

3.507  T. Pearson and J. Taylor, both of Bolton, Lancashire, for an improved construction of bobbin and shuttle tongue for shuttles.  

August 30, 1880

3.524  J. Beresford, of Altrincham, Cheshire, for an improved combination of machinery and apparatus for cleansing and polishing silver or other metal, and knives, forks, and other articles of domestic use, applicable also as a motor for operating, mincing, grinding, and other similar machines.      

August 31, 1880

3.534  F, Wirth. A communication from C. Heiuzerling, of Frankfort, Germany, for improvements in tanning or converting hides or skins into leather.

August 31, 1880

3.583  A. M. Clark. A communication from C. J. P. Desnos, of Paris, for an improved depilatory process for sheep and other skins and hides.  

September 3, 1880

3.589  B. Berry, Meclianir, and Samuel Sowden Freeman, Spinner, both of Bradford, Yorkshire, for improvements in spinning and in apparatus connected therewith.                                            

September 3, 1880

3.715  S. Chatwood, of Cannon-street, London, Safe and Lock Engineer, for improvements in bicycles and like vehicles.                            

September 11, 1880

3.724  E. Howson, of Middlesborough-on-Tees, Yorkshire, engineer, for improvements in pianofortes.                                  

September 13, 1880

3.744  M. Webb, of Adelphi-terrace, London, for improvements in bicycles, tricycles, and other vehicles for self-propulsion, which improvements are also applicable to other purposes.                            

September 14, 1880

3.774  F. W. Schwarzbach, of Naumburgh-on-the-Gaale, Prussia, for an improved self-acting needle for knitting machines.                    

September 17, 1880

3.798  W. Jennings, Spinner, and T. Whitaker, Manager, both of Bradford, Yorkshire, for improvements in spinning machinery.      

September 18, 1880

3.848  H. Mills, a communication from D. Mills, of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States, for improvements in sewing machines chiefly designed for leather work.                                                                

September 22, 1880

3.897   E. Clements, of Great Kussell-street, London, for improvements  in washing machines and apparatus combined therewith.          

September 25, 1880

3.910  H. Woodward, of Regent's Park, London, for a new or improved combined knife-cleaning and sharpening machine.              

September 27, 1880

3.966  P. Wolfi. A communication from A. Hellig, of Little Ferry, New Jersey, United States, for improvements in pianofortes and other stringed musical instruments.                                        

September 30, 1880

4.018  J. M. Smith, of West Bromwich, Staffordshire, for improvements in and relating to exercising apparatus analogous to bicycle or velocipede riding, and for recording or registering the equivalent to the mileage or distance performed.                                                        

October 4, 1880

4.036  H. J. Haddan, a communication Irom J. Keith, of Rhode Island, United States, for improvements in sewing machines.              

October 5, 1880

4.037  L. Avis, of Coventry, Warwickshire, for improvements in velocipedes.

October 5, 1880

4.088  R. H. Charsley, of Oxford, for improvements in or connected with tricycles.                                                              

October 8, 1880

4.108  F. Mitchell, of Openshaw, near Manchester, Mill Manager, and J. Mitchell, of Southport, both in Lancashire, Draper, for improvements in pickers  and stoppers for looms.                                                

October 9, 1880

4.114  G. W. Hawkesley, of Sheffield, and W. Lumb, of Wakefield, Yorkshire, Crabber, for improvements in machinery for crabbing, squeezing, and finishing woven and knitted fabrics.                      

October 9, 1880

4.137  George Illston, of Birmingham, manufacturer, for improvements in or additions to sewing machines.     

Royal Sewing Machine Co., Harbert Road, Birmingham.

Mr. George Illston,  manager. 1875

                          October 12, 1880

4.144  A.J. Boult, a communication from S. S. Puller, of Stratford, Ontario, Canada, for improvements in scutching machines.        

October 12, 1880

4.171  W. A. Barlow. A communication from C. Pfeiffir and H. Offroy, both of Paris, for improvements in drawing frames for cotton and other analogous textile materials.                                                            

October 13, 1880

4.257  E. C. F. Otto, of Peckham, London, for improvements in velocipedes.

October 19, 1880

4.313  J. Warwick, of Manchester, Sewing Machine Manufacturer, for improvements in sewing machines.                          

October 22, 1880

4.318  J. F. R. Wood, of Newcastle Street, Farringdon Street, London, for improvements in or applicable to bicycles.              

October 22, 1880

4.324  S. Haley, of Bromley, near Leeds, for improvements in machinery for      " fluffing " and " whiting " leather skins.                    

October 23, 1880

4.336  W. R. Late, a communication from C. H. Chapman of Shirley, Massachusetts, United States, for improvements in and relating to spinning machine spindles and parts connected therewith, and in means for manufacturing such spindles.                                      

October 23, 1880

4.430  S. Keats, of Leeds, machinist, and A. Keats, of Worship Street, London, for improvements in sewing machines.                          

October 29, 1880

4.432  W. Hillman, of Coventry, for improvements in velocipedes.    

October 29, 1 880

4.498  R. Steel, manufacturer, C. H. Binns, Collector, A. Steinmetz, junior stone cutter, C. A. Spring, manufacturer and W. A. Nichols, attorney at Law, all of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States, for sewing machine and other treadles.                                                                

November 3, 1880

4.525  A. Heaven, of Manchester, for improvements in embroidering by machinery, and in ornamenting fabrics.                      

November 4. 1880

4.543  W. Martin and J. Hind, both of Nottingham, for improvements in jacquard needles or cross wires.                              

November 5, 1880

4.560  K. Curtis, Machine Maker, and W. H. Rhodes Foreman, both of Manchester, for improvements in machinery for preparing and spinning cotton and other fibrous materials.                                      

November 6, 1880

4.653   T. Pritchard, jun., of Coventry, for improvements in and relating to velocipedes.                                                      

November     1880

4.658  E, Hughes,  of Woolwich, Kent, Solicitor for improvements in tricycles or velocipedes with three wheels.                                      

November 12 ,1880

4.670  W. H. Dorman, of Stafford, for improvements in sewing machinery, chiefly designed for the manufacture of boots and shoes.    

November 12, 1880

4.691  H. E. Osborne, A. P. Mathewson, and J. Guild, all of Dundee, North Britain, for improvements in or connected with spinning machinery.  

November 13, 1880

4.697  W. H. Beck, of London, for improvements in ribbing attachments for knitting machines.                                                    

November 15, 1880

4.700  J. Kew, of Camden Town, London, for improvements in pianofortes.

November 15, 1880


4.706  S. Thacker, of Nottingham, for improvements in the manufacture of certain kinds of cloth in circular knitting machines and in such machines and in the arrangements of parts thereof.                            

November 15, 1880

4.707  B. Barstow, of Horsham, Sussex, Architect, for improvements in velocipedes.                                                                        

November 16, 1880

4.725  A. Capra, J. B. Rissone, and S. Detoma, all of Clerkenwell, London, for improvements in pianofortes and mechanism combined therewith.    

November 16, 1880

4.732  T. Williams, of Gee-street, and W. Sangster, of Compton-buildings, both in Goswell-road, London, for improvements in machinery or apparatus for forcing sausage meat and other substances into skins or other suitable receptacles.                                                      

November 17. 1880

4.763  C. G. Hawkins, of Leighton-road, Forest Gate, Essex, for improvements in the construction of tricycles and other velocipedes, and in attachments and driving gear for the same.                                    

November 18,1880

4.767  H. Weatherill, of Manchester, for improvements in tricycles, bicycles, and other wheeled vehicles.                                          

November 18, 1880

4.797  C. A. Barlow, a communication from T. Wiget, of Arbon, and C. Wetter, of St. Gall, Switzerland, for certain improvements in machine embroidery, and in the process for manufacturing the same.                  

November 20, 1880

4.799  Sir T. G. A. Parkyns, of Beckenham, Kent, for improvements in the construction of velocipedes, and in the means of propelling the same, parts of which are applicable to other vehicles.                    

November 20, 1880


4.829  H. Hayward, of Gloucester, J. Day, and J. H. Gosling, both of Southsea, Hampshire, for improvements in bicycles, tricycles, and other velocipedes.

November 22, 1880

4.836  C. Necker, and K. Horstmann, both of Berlin, for improvements in whip-stitch sewing machines.                                      

November 22, 1880

4.873  T. J. Palmer, of Fulham, and C. P. Dietrich, Engineer, of Dalston, London, for improvements in bicycles and tricycles.                    

November 24, 1880

4.878  J. Marshall, of Glasgow, for improvements in silent mincing machines.

November 24, 1880


4.888  A. G. CoUi igs, and P. Bryant, both of Wimbledon, for improvements in washing machines.                                              

November 24, 1880

4.923  L. Silvermann, of Regency Street, London, and J. E. Cumming, Little Ilford, Essex, for improvements in sewing machines for working the same with one or two needles independently of each other, and using as an under cotton any size of a reel of cotton or any other material without winding the cotton on small bobbins, and to produce a lockstitch.                

November 26, 1880

4.929  T. S. Lyon, of Percival street, Clerkenwell, London, for improvements in knife-cleaning machines.                                                    

November 26, 1880

4.948   W. H. Thompson, of Finsbury square, and F. G. Henwood, of Budge-row, both in London, for improvements in the arrangement and construction of velocipedes and similar vehicles or machines.                

November 27, 1880

4.964  J. C. Garrood, Engineer, of Fakenham, Norfolk, for improvements in velocipedes partly applicable to other machinery.    

November 29, 1880

4.970  A. Specht, a communication from P. Buschmann, of Harburg, Germany, for improvements in the mechanism or action of pianofortes.  

November 29, 1880

4.975  J. Mitchell, a communication from J. Storey, of Brockville, Canada, for improvements in washing machines.                            

November 30, 1880

4.976  W. Pox and G. Brown, both of Manchester, for improvements in the manufacture of rollers for wringing and mangling machines and other purposes.

November 30, 1880

4.978  A. N. Hopkins, of Birmingham, for an improved candle holder and save all.                                                                    

November 30, 1880

5.010  A.J.Boult, a communication from S. B. Eyder of Elizabeth, New Jersey, United States, for improvements in the method and means of removing dust from carpets.                                                        

December 1, 1880

5.021  T. Bradford, of High Holborn, London, for improvements in or connected with the driving gear or actuating mechanism of mangles.  

December 2, 1880

5.046  J. H. Starley, of Coventry, Warwickshire, for improvements in velocipedes.

December 20,1880


5.082  A. Kirby, of Bedford, for improvements in the construction of velocipedes and apparatus connected therewith.                                      

December 6, 1880

5.096  J. A. Lamplugh, of Birmingham, for certain improvements in the mode of supporting the seat or saddle of bicycles, tricycles, and other similar vehicles.

December 7, 1880



5.157  J. S. Cooke, of Gomersal, Yorkshire, for improvements in and applicable to velocipedes.                                                          

December 10, 1880

5.187  J. Summersoales, of Keighley, Yorkshire, for improvements in wringing machines.                                                              

December 11,1880

5.192  J. C. Fell, of Ashton-under-Lyne, Lancashire, Machinist, for improvements in spinning machinery.                                                    

December 11, 1880


5.216  A. Munzinger, of Olten, Switzerland, for improvements in and connected with spinning machines.                                                                

December 13, 1880

5.252  A. Storer, a communication from L. Bollmann and J. Bollman, both of Penzing, Austria, for improvements in apparatus for overhead sewing.

December 14, 1880


5.285  J. Steele, of Birmingham, Manufacturer, for improvements in tricycles, parts of which improvements may also be applied to other velocipedes.

December 16, 1880



5.318  F. Cutlan, of Cardiff, for improvements in heel-paring machines for boots and shoes, applicable also for burnishing.                                                                                                                                             December 18, 1880

5.328  T. B. Drybrough, of Edinburgh, for improvements in the construction of skates, and in boots or shoes to which skates are or may be applied.  

December 20, 1880

5.334  H. J. Haddon, a communication from B. F. Larrabee, of Boston, United States, for improvements in machinery for burnishing the heels of boots and shoes.                                                                                          

December 20, 1880

5.341   G. W. Von Nawrocki. A communication from E. Fischer, of Kaltwasser, and M. E. Cohn, and Wolheim, of Berlin, both in Germany, for improvements in the manufacture of imitation leather or leather cloth and in apparatus therefor.

December 20, 1880

5.359   L. F. de Cuignier and J. N. Long, both of Hoxton, London, for improvements in boots and shoes.                        

December 21, 1880





5.432 J. Harrington, of Norman's Buildings, St. Luke's, London, for improvements in tricycles, part of which is applicable to bicycle and other bearings.                                                            

December 24, 1880


5.511  J. Starley, of Coventry, Mechanician, for improvements in velocipedes.                                                                                           December 16, 1880

  Year Applications Granted  
        1880                       5.517                 3.741  



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  Year Applications Granted  
        1880                       5.517                 3.741