This list of patents is far than be complete, further researches will be done, including patents for Needles and Knitting Machines.


MARCH 1873


US 137.048                        Alexander  B.  Bary

Bobbin Winder for Sewing Machine

What I claim as my invention and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is:

In mechanism of the described construction, the combination of the grooved cone E, friction-wheel F, worm G', slotted gear-wheel I, slotted plate H, wrist-pin b and springs J J, arranged as described, for the purpose set forth. 

March 25, 1873




US 142.290                         William A. Springer

Trimming Attachment for Sewing Machine

Only so much of one style of sewing machines, as is necessary to illustrate my said improvements is shown, as the skill of an ordinary mechanic will be sufficient to apply, it to the different styles of sewing machines to which it is adapted. My invention relates to attachments for trimming seams on sewing machines and it consists in the combination and arrangement of the parts hereinafter described and claimed. The object of my invention is to trim the seam of the fabric sewed in a sewing machine by a rotary cutter, which, for motion, does not depend on the force of the feed, to the detriment of the same, and of the fabric, which is easily caused to run in curves. The trimming-shaft receives motion from the main shaft of the sewing machine and thereby aids the feed-motion in its performance, provided the knife is kept sharp, since, the motion of the cutter has a tendency to move the upper part of the material being sewed in the direction of the feed. What I claim therein as new and of my invention and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is:

1. The combination, with the rotary trimming-knife and its supporting shaft and bearings, movable toward and away from the work plate, as described, of an elevating-spring, operating to raise the knife clear of the work and a depressing or locking device, operating to hold the knife down upon the work against the pressure of the spring, substantially as set forth.

2. In a sewing machine trimmer, the combination, with the plate H, provided with a slot h, of the hinged pressure or bearing plate I, the depressing and locking or clamping calm-lever N, rotating shaft J and circular cutter K, substantially as and for the purposes set forth.

August 26, 1873 


November 17. 1874                   US RE 6.142





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