This list of patents is far than be complete, further researches will be done, including patents for Needles and Knitting Machines.




US 435.613             John R. Reynolds & Arthur I. Jacobs

Book-Sewing Machine

Machines have heretofore been made for sewing books in which the folded sheet or signature is laid upon an arm or bar and presented to the sewing mechanism; but such sheets vary in size according to the size of the book to be produced and, in addition to this, different characters of books of the same size require different kinds of sewing and difficulty has heretofore been experienced in introducing the sewing at the desired point in the back of the book. One of the principal features of the present invention relates to grouping the sewing devices and mounting the same upon adjustable supports, so that they can be placed at any desired point along the back of the signature and the groups of sewing devices can be associated at any distances apart, so that the sewing may be more or less closely together, according to the character of book that is being sewed and these sewing devices can be placed at the proper distance from the top and bottom of the signature.

Assignors to the Smyth Manufacturing Company

September 2, 1890




US 440.179                           George M. Morris

Button-Hole Attachments for Sewing Machine

This invention in button-hole attachments for sewing machines consists, mainly, of certain devices and combinations of parts, hereinafter described and claimed, for reciprocating the work-holder of the attachment transversely to the length of the work-holder and to various distances to form to-and-fro or overedge stitches and to make them of different lengths, for moving the work-holder longitudinal to and fro and to different distances and by steps of various lengths to form to and-fro rows of the overedge stitches to make the rows of different lengths and to place the overedge stitches at various distances from each other in each row, for moving the work holder step by step laterally to and fro at the ends of its longitudinal movements to change the stitching from one side of the button-hole to the other and thereby bar the ends of the button-hole and for opening and closing the work-holder when the attachment shall be properly arranged on the bed-plate and connected by suitable mechanical devices with the driving mechanism of a sewing machine having an eye-pointed needle reciprocating high a perforation in a work-supporting plate.

November 11, 1890





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